Hey ya’ll my name’s Emma and welcome to my blog! The blog dedicated to vegetarian/vegan food all around the world.

It isn’t exactly always fun and easy to find good vegetarian/vegan food when dining out, especially when you’re in a foreign place and aren’t used to the area or the restaurants so this blog is here to hunt down and report the vegetarian and vegan finds I make on my journey around the world!

If you click on a country/city down the side it’ll take you to the restaurants I visited in that place.

Hopefully thanks to my blog posts you won’t have that struggle every vegetarian/vegan experiences when reading a new menu and trying to find something they’ll actually enjoy. When you can’t speak the native language it can become even more difficult when you order the avocado roasti without egg or fish because you don’t eat dairy or animals but it still turns up with sprinkled parmesan (true story) And sometimes it’s just hard to find a good, decent veggie/vegan restaurant with a menu you like nearby! So here’s to making vegetarian and vegan travelling a hell of a lot easier for us all!

 Have a read, have a look and most importantly enjoy!

Ba bye now!

P.S here’s a photo of me as I jumped in front of my boyfriend’s camera whilst he tried to capture the view outside Norte Dame…opps